ELIAS GIANNAKOPOULOS was born in Lamia in 1978. He studied at the University of Thrace Law School (LL.B., 2001) and received his Master of Laws with distinction from the University of Liverpool (LL.M. with distinction, 2004). He was admitted to the Athens Bar in 2005. He was member of the Editing Committee of the ‘Nomiko Vima’ Law Review. He is currently member of the Athens Bar Association. He has extensive experience in litigation and practices Civil and Commercial Law, Criminal Law, Administrative Law. His publications include a number of Civil law subjects in ‘Nomiko Vima’ and an analysis of Civil Code articles 713-729, 810-821, 984-998, 1505-1519 in Ioannis Karakostas’ «ASTIKOS KODIKAS». He speaks Greek and English.

E-mail: eg@roussoshatzidimitriou.com